Unleash your power. Own it.

life coaching

Break out of people's expectations and follow your own rules. Live the life you want.

Are you a high achieving woman who struggles with anxiety or perfectionism? Even though you appear put together to folks on the outside, are you crumbling inside? Do you find yourself indecisive when you've arrived at a fork in the road in your life? Do you want to start living the life you want, but you feel constrained by other people's expectations? Whatever challenge you're facing, I've got you boo! I will teach you the tools to manage your mind.  I’m that coach who is always looking out for you. I will listen wholeheartedly and not judge you. Together, we will look at your thoughts through the use of storytelling and change them. We will re-tell the story you want so that you're fully unleashing your power and owning it.

learn to manage your mind. manage your mind and everything else will fall into place. 

You'll learn to have the life you want and want the life you have

private 1:1 coaching

1:1 coaching to help you write your story and then change it

We are going to uncover your story like an anthropologist and then burn that sh*t down.

Are you a high-achieving woman who struggles with stress, anxiety, and confidence? Don’t worry; I’ve got you! I can help you rewire your brain and shift your mindset to achieve the kind of life you want. As women, we’ve often been conditioned to do it all and keep working harder, but that only makes us more burnt out. When we shift our mindset and change our thoughts, everything changes. Our joy and ability to be present expands and our lives become richer. We walk into the power of our own being and we take charge of our lives as if we owned it. We make the rules and we live on our terms. I will teach you how – and do it in a way that doesn’t leave you feeling exhausted and burnt out. You will find your purpose, feel recharged, and be excited about your life again.

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What it entails:

— Weekly 45-minute sessions with me
— Worksheets and exercises
— Lots of 1:1 exploration
— A minimum of a 4-week commitment
— Journaling
— Examining thoughts in the forms of beliefs, stories, and cultural identity.

BIPOC and Asian AmericanS

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What it entails:

— Weekly 45-minute sessions with me
— Worksheets and exercises
— Guided 1:1 exploration for POC
— A minimum of 4-week commitment
— Journaling
— Examining thoughts about politics and our cultural context

Do you feel invisible at your workplace? Do the news about politics and racism leave you disheartened and feeling hopeless and helpless? Do you find yourself feeling burnt out from activist work or having to engage in difficult conversations and having to explain yourself yet again? I’m here to help. I will work with you to help rewire your brain so that you will feel energized in your work and activism and lead with purpose and joy.

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Unleash Your Power Masterclass

Harness your power - and be supported by amazing women

What it entails:

— Workbook with exercises
— Journal
— Weekly lessons and worksheets
— Weekly live coaching
— 10 total classes
— Small group of badass women
— Slack channel group and support

In this masterclass program, you’ll get a complete workbook with exercises that use anthropological methods to help you reflect and rewire your brain. You’ll also get weekly lessons and worksheets that go along with our class. You’ll get weekly live coaching, where we dive deep and go all in. You get weekly coaching session and 10 total classes where you learn the tools and get coached along with a group of badass women.

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What does a coaching session look like with you?

Frequently Asked Q's

We meet 45 minutes on Zoom. Because it is virtual, I can take clients from anywhere in the world. During the initial consultation, we will talk about a specific challenge you are facing and we will get very specific about how your brain sees this challenge. 


What kinds of methods do you use?

I will use a combination of thoughtwork and auto-ethnographic methods to help rewire your brain. Thoughtwork is a method created by Brooke Castillo of the Life Coach School and it involves stepping back and looking at ways that our brain holds us back. Auto-ethnographic methods are used by anthropologists to examine our set of cultural beliefs and thoughts to understand ourselves and our brains better. Both methods involve disrupting our current beliefs and thoughts and rewire our brain with new ones.


How is coaching different than cognitive behavioral therapy?

Both are tools that can be used to help improve our lives. The best explanation of this distinction that I've heard is from a podcast at the Life Coach School, which you can find here. In the podcast, Veronique Vaillancourt, who's also a licensed social worker explains that therapy is when you're having a problem and you want to get back to a baseline of functioning, whereas coaching is useful when you're already at a baseline and want to optimize what you're doing. I am not a trained therapist. I am a certified life coach that will elevate your baseline to a higher level. If you have unprocessed trauma, I will refer you to someone who may serve you better.