Find clarity, joy, and purpose in life transitions

life coaching

You can handle any change that comes your way after you learn the tools that I have to offer. 

learn to manage your mind. manage your mind and everything else will fall into place. 

You'll learn to have the life you want and want the life you have

I know how it feels. I've been at the crossroads many times and waited a long time to make a decision, whether it was a relationship that had run its course or a job that I should have left a long time ago. I reached a breaking point and it was not pretty. But I'm here to tell you that coaching and the tools that I will teach you saved my life and helped me navigate any change in my life, no matter how drastic it was. The tools I provide will transform your life, too. 

private 1:1 coaching

1:1 coaching to help you write your story and then change it

We dig deep by cultivating awareness, processing emotions, storytelling, and somatics.

Using thought work and mindfulness, processing your emotions, storytelling, and somatics, I will help you face and navigate any life change. My coaching is trauma-informed and I am always reading up on the latest research and getting trained on being the best coach for my diverse clients. The work can be challenging, I'm not going to lie. When I first started therapy and coaching 15 years ago, I was uncomfortable. I had to dig through my own stories and treat my mind like a foreign culture, as anthropologists do. I was like a fish out of water. But over time, I became more comfortable in my own skin. I discovered so much about myself that led me towards healing that I would't have been able to do if I wasn't okay with the discomfort. 

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What it entails:

— Weekly 45-minute sessions with me for 3 months
— Worksheets and exercises
— Lots of 1:1 exploration
— A minimum of a 4-week commitment
— Journaling
— Examining thoughts in the forms of beliefs, stories, and cultural identity.
Price: $650

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1-hour Clarity Session

What it entails:

-One-hour clarity session
— Examining the situation 
— Examining your thoughts and feelings
— Figuring out your next step and how to find more support
Price: $95/hour

Do you need some extra support because you're facing a major life change that was unexpected and took you by surprise? Were you just fired or laid off or are you in a hostile work environment that you want to leave? Or are you contemplating divorce or leaving a long-term relationship? These 1-hour clarity sessions are intended to help you achieve some clarity about your situation and provide non-judgmental support.

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Unleash Your Power Masterclass

Harness your power - and be supported by amazing women

What it entails:

— Workbook with exercises
— Journal
— Weekly lessons and worksheets
— Weekly live coaching
— 10 total classes
— Small group of badass women
— Slack channel group and support
Price - Forthcoming

In this masterclass program, you’ll get a complete workbook with exercises that use anthropological methods to help you reflect and rewire your brain. You’ll get weekly lessons and worksheets that go along with our class and weekly live coaching, where we dive deep and go all in. Space is limited so if you're interested, go to my contact form and send me an email.

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What does a coaching session look like with you?

Frequently Asked Q's

We meet 45 minutes on Zoom. Because it is virtual, I can take clients from anywhere in the world. During the initial consultation, we will talk about a specific challenge you are facing and we will get very specific about how your brain sees this challenge. 


What kinds of methods do you use?

I will use a combination of thoughtwork and auto-ethnographic methods to help rewire your brain. Thoughtwork is a method created by Brooke Castillo of the Life Coach School and it involves stepping back and looking at ways that our brain holds us back. Auto-ethnographic methods are used by anthropologists to examine our set of cultural beliefs and thoughts to understand ourselves and our brains better. Both methods involve disrupting our current beliefs and thoughts and rewire our brain with new ones.


How is coaching different than cognitive behavioral therapy?

Both are tools that can be used to help improve our lives. The best explanation of this distinction that I've heard is from a podcast at the Life Coach School, which you can find here. In the podcast, Veronique Vaillancourt, who's also a licensed social worker explains that therapy is when you're having a problem and you want to get back to a baseline of functioning, whereas coaching is useful when you're already at a baseline and want to optimize what you're doing. I am not a trained therapist. I am a certified life coach that will elevate your baseline to a higher level. If you have unprocessed trauma, I will refer you to someone who may serve you better.