I'm Dr. Janny Chang, certified life coach - helping women in transition

I will teach you the tools to manage your mind.

Hi! I’m Dr. J. 

Hi, I'm Janny Chang, PhD, Certified Life Transitions Coach and host of the Unleash your Inner Power podcast, and I help women who are either contemplating change in their lives or have experienced a transition reduce stress and anxiety and find meaning and purpose in your life as the transition takes place.

I know how it feels. I've been at the crossroads many times and waited a long time to make a decision, whether it was a relationship that had run its course or a job that I should have left a long time ago. I reached a breaking point and it was not pretty. But I'm here to tell you that coaching and the tools that I will teach you saved my life and helped me navigate any change in my life, no matter how drastic it was. The tools I provide will transform your life, too. 

I know what it feels like to knock it out of the park in one area of life, but feel like a failure in another.  II know what it feels like when things just don’t make sense – when it seems as if everyone else has their lives figured it out.

Truth be told, I've been guiding and mentoring women on their personal journeys for decades. I have a lot of experience with changes in my life - starting from when I was 5 years old as an immigrant from Taiwan to this country. I've experienced a lot of other changes in my life - from a long-term relationship that should have ended but didn't because I was too scared to be decisive to moving to Zambia and visiting over a span of 7 years to work and do research there.  I've also had changes thrust upon me - losing my grandmother, with whom I was extremely close, my parent's divorce when I was in my 20s, and countless rejections and failures. Currently, my life is less about external change and more about changes in my mind. I now know that true and lasting change has to start from within.

Who I Work With

Change Your Thoughts,
Change Your Life

Are you a rebel at heart, who deep down want to live life on your own terms? I got you! Are you a high achieving woman who has checked all the boxes of success, but you spend your days ridden with anxiety and self-doubt? I got you! Are you a stay-at-home mom who wants to make a career leap, but you're plagued by fear and uncertainty? I got you. 

Here's what it means to step into your own power. It means that you recognize the power within - the power that no one can take away from you. This power is what fuels your decisions to make a change or go for that goal or choose to love your life everyday. That internal power is right there - within you. We just have to tap into it. I will show you how. 

change your thoughts, change your life

Create your change


i am in Your corner and i will always provide support that is direct, loving, and supportive.

About the Process


i am compassionate and i'm here to listen wholeheartedly to your story. 


we will use mixed techniques to uncover your thoughts and stories and then, we will rewrite them.


like an anthropologist, you will examine your own beliefs and thoughts as if you were an outsider. 


we will look at individual beliefs and thoughts and we will look at context. 


we will rewrite your story and practice new thoughts and narratives. your life. your power lies within.

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