The end of year brings a lot of stress for people, especially at work and home. It’s all connected – feeling stressed at work can seep into your home life and vice versa. If you’re just feeling overwhelmed and fatigued, I’m offering you something special:

Join me for a Celebrate and Reclaim Your Power Challenge.

Yes, there’s a way to feel less stressed, less fatigued, more joyful, more connected with yourself and with others, and energized about what’s coming for 2023.

How does this challenge work?
For 7 days straight starting from Monday, December 5th, you will receive the following from me (and yes, I believe strongly in the abundance mindset, so no cutting corners or scarcity here):

• Each day, you will receive a simple email with or video message from me that can help you feel better right then and there. It’ll contain a graphic, story, or exercise that will help you feel less overwhelmed.
• You’ll also have an opportunity to receive 1:1 coaching from me – about anything! More details will be given about this amazing opportunity!
• Then, for the final goodie, I will be giving away 3 prizes because I just love giving away free things. It’s all about the abundance mindset here as we approach the end of 2022.

What you will get from me for sure:
1) I will always hold space for you in a safe space/container where there will be no judgement or shame for any emotions you may have
2) I will be your cheerleader, always rooting for you and your best interest
3) Strategic questioner. I will be there to ask questions that will help you rethink and reframe what you’re going through.
4) My coaching is trauma-informed. I will not coach without consent and I will always make sure to go at your pace for whatever it is that you need in that moment.

Why would you want to do this challenge?
1) We just want to feel less alone
2) We just want to feel better
3) We just want to feel less crappy as 2022 comes to an end
4) It’s a wonderful ritual to engage in – to help unload all the crap that we’re carrying and be renewed for the new year

Cool! What do I do next?
Put in your email and name below and I’ll send you all the info! Plus, you’ll be subscribed to my newsletter, freebies, and so much amazing content that I put out there to help you feel better about change, life, work, all of it.

Who am I?
I’m a certified life coach and anthropologist (which just means I am a student of culture!) and multitasker who gets the nonprofit and academic worlds. I love to help smart and soulful women step out of people pleasing and into their own power by making decisions in their work and personal life that empower them, practicing boundaries and enforcing them, and creating a life that is full of meaning, joy, and fun.

Relationship burnout? Career burnout? How to reclaim your power for 2023.

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WHAT? AN AWESOME CHALLENGE where I WILL MEET YOU WHERE YOU ARE, IN WHATEVER SPACE YOU’RE IN. come as you are. this is a safe space/container for you.


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