What you will walk away with from this workshop:

◘ An MVP plan that will help you go from stuck to empowered and centered and whole

◘ You’ll be able to make a strong decision to either quit or leave your current situation and you will feel good about it

◘ If you’re staying in your situation, you’ll learn to navigate it and thrive. If it’s related to your job, my plan will help you get the raise, get promoted, and be fulfilled in your current job.

◘ If your decision is to leave, this plan will help you transition with calm, clarity, and confidence. This includes a new career or a new relationship or even a geographic move. The principles you will apply are the same. The tools I teach you will help you make the decision and adjust and thrive.

◘ The tools will help you learn to advocate for yourself and have your own back, no matter what. This sense of self trust will empower you to speak up and ask for what you want (while being in integrity with your values and prioritizing the relationships and time that matter to you)

◘ We will uncover the beliefs that are holding you and so many women back and we will chip away at these beliefs one by one and use the tools to practice new beliefs that will pave the way for career and life success that’s on your own terms.

◘ You will learn the simple steps to creating an extraordinary life - the life you’ve always wanted - and everything else, including your job and career, will fall into place. You’re going to create an actionable plan for what that looks like and you will incorporate purpose and meaning into that plan.

For Women Who Are Seeking Purpose and Meaning in their Career and Lives and Want To Create an Extraordinary Life 

The Simple 3-Step Plan for Smart Women Who Feel Stuck
In Their Job and Life

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You will learn the key questions to figure out what provides you the passion to get out of bed in the morning. What keeps you going and what beliefs are holding you back.

P is for Passion


We will dig into your values and what's important to you in your life. Is it your family? Is it money? Is it flexibility and freedom and all of the above? 

V is for Value


You'll learn the Model/Thoughtwork as a tool to be more aware of your thoughts and learn how to feel and process your emotions. This will give you your energy back.

M is for mindset


What you'll take away from the workshop

How This Workshop Will Help
  • Understand why you're feeling stuck and what to do about it.
  • Learn the latest research on the workplace and career and job change
  • Get the core questions to ask yourself when you're making a change in your life
  • How to give your body and mind the rest it needs
  • How to go from stuck to wholeness and meaning and purpose by asking yourself the deep questions
  • Learn to cultivate a deeper appreciation for yourself and your life
  • Activate your curiosity, courage, and awareness to your work and life
  • Learn to have your own back and deepen your relationship with yourself by learning to process your emotions
  • How to design your life around your core values - on your own terms