If you're dealing with a challenging situation at work or you're burned or bored out, I offer a similar 5-week coaching package that focuses on 1) managing your mind, 2) getting in touch with your feelings, 3) practicing and enforcing boundaries, 4) navigating structures of power and the patriarchy and how to do deep self care, and 5) reclaiming your own power and tapping into your future self. 

My 5-week coaching program includes: 

1. One-on-one coaching support each week for an hour
2. Unlimited text or email support
3. Worksheets and journals
4. Welcome package and gift
5. Lifelong support in my membership group of people who have been coached by me.

What I can guarantee you’ll walk away with:
1. A stronger sense of self and what you value which leads to promotions and increase in pay
2. The tools to achieve your short term and long term goals (this is where coaching is different than mentoring. We are goal oriented)
3. Practical actions on communicating and navigating the workplace and enforcing those boundaries
4..How to seek out support and mentors as a woman and how to lead through forging better relationships with yourself and others
5. Satisfaction with your job and this will extend to other areas of your life as well

Spring Deal Coaching Package!

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FOr just $397 total, my coaching package for job and career changers includes:

5 WEEKS oF HANDS-ON SUPPORt, including:

1) Discovering your path by using strengths assessments

2) JOB prospecting research, with your values in mind

3) resume coaching that tells your story

4) interview coaching using role play and letting your authentic self shine

5) LANDING THE JOB and assessing navigating the workplace, how to manage up and down, and communicate your needs clearly. 

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Are you either 1) looking for a new job, 2) looking for a career change, 3) getting burned or bored out at your current job, but want to stay and work on your current challenges or 4) you're dealing with a toxic workplace? 

I can help you! I specialize in the nonprofit and global development industries and I have 15 years of experience. I've done hiring, resume edits, interview preps, and I know what it takes to get into the nonprofit world and thrive.