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If you're feeling burned out or stuck in your life, job or career, I can help you. We learn the tools to manage your.mind & process your emotions so that you can make the change you need to be satisfied in your life. My coaching is unique in that it combines mindset and somatic tools as well as concrete tactics and strategies to help you thrive in your career and in life. ..



I help smart & soulful women gain clarity and feel empowered, confident, and whole.

Hi, I'm Janny Chang, PhD, Certified Career Change Coach and host of the Made for Change podcast, I help women who are feeling burned out and stuck in their job or career get unstuck and find wholeness. 

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•You take work home with you and you can't seem to shut off your brain.

•When you're spending time with your kids, husband, or friends, you can't stop thinking about work.

•You're an overachiever and good at your job, but you feel unfulfilled. You feel like you're on the hamster wheel and you just keep going and going.

•You're uptight and tense, especially around colleagues. You might have some lighthearted, relaxed a moments, but they're fleeting.

•Your responsibilities have increased and you feel the weight on your shoulders. 

•You can't seem to feel rested enough, even when you take your days off.

•You're stressed about the future and you question the stability of your job, even though your performance review went well.

•You take feedback personally and you're just tired of worrying about others judging you.

•You're waffle between anger, exhaustion, and simply not caring anymore. You're not even sure how you feel. Sometimes, you're just numb and you feel empty inside. Maybe there was a time when you found meaning in your job, but now you just feel stuck and trapped. 

We all have moments where we are at the crossroads and we have whispers telling us we should make a change, but we just wait and wait. We're burned out and feeling stuck, but we're too exhausted and demoralized to make a change. We also have so much fear. I can help you learn to manage your mind so that you confidently make changes in your job and career towards wholeness and create the life you want.

Are you burned out?

Burn out

If this sounds like you and you feel like there's got to be something more to your job/career, I can help you go from feeling burned out and stuck to wholeness, clarity, and joy.

I've got the solution for you and it's different than what typical career coaches teach you. 

Here's what i teach you and it's totally grounded in neuroscience and it will help you recover from burnout, get unstuck, make decisions faster and purposefully, and create the job, career, and life that you want. 

What if I told you that getting a new job or career is not going to solve your problems? What I told you that you can create the sense of wholeness now in your life just by learning to manage your mind?

Let me be clear - the solution is not to simply change your job or career. Fixing your resume and preparing for the interview is just a quick fix. In my coaching, we get to the root of burnout. We look at our thoughts and beliefs and change those thoughts that contribute to burnout.

  • Awareness
What I first teach all my clients is to be aware of their thoughts and emotions. You are not your thoughts and you are not your emotions. You've been conditioned by Culture and your upbringing and other influences in your life to hold onto thoughts, beliefs, and stories that limit you and encourage self-sabotage and make the brain work against you. When you're in limbo, you're wasting a lot of brain energy being confused and indecisive. I will show you how just by being aware of your thoughts, you can make decisions and move forward with them so that you can create the life you want on your own terms. I will also who you how to feel the negative emotions and not resist them, but embrace them, so that they can move in and out of your body. I will show you how to process your emotions so that they don't dominate your day-to-day life.

  • Courage
Maya Angelou said: "Courage is the most important of all the virtues, because without courage you can't practice any other virtue consistently. You can practice any virtue erratically, but nothing consistently without courage.” It takes courage to dig deep into our thoughts and stories and it takes courage to keep going even when it feels uncomfortable and scary. Maya Angelou was right - without courage, your an't practice any other virtue consistently. Courage is the bridge to resilience, because courage is what's needed to you to take action over and over again and practice a thought consistently to develop resilience. Courage says, I don't know what the future brings, but I am going to bet on myself. Courage helps us practice awareness consistently and leads us towards finding meaning and purpose our lives during major changes.

  • Thoughts and values
Did you know that for the most part, out thoughts create our feelings? Grounded in neuroscience and Buddhism, I work with my clients to examine the thoughts and beliefs that are not serving them. These are thoughts that we have been taught to embrace through social conditioning. We have to unpack all of this and figure out the source of perfectionism, placing our self worth in our job or career, and any codependent thoughts. We dig deep and we look at the external (society and our conditioning) and internal (the process by which we've come to accept our thoughts as true) and then we use tools and strategies that help us create new thoughts that empower us and prevent future burnouts. 

In my coaching program, you'll not only learn the tools to navigate any change in life, but also practical tools that will help you rewire your brain. I call this the ACT program (Awareness, Courage, and Thoughts and Values program). You'll find that even if you're not facing a change, your day-to-day stresses and anxiety will become diminished over time. You will still observe old thoughts that are self-sabotaging, but they'll have less influence over your life. And you won't want to escape your problems by binging on Netflix or overeating, or yelling at your partner and kids, or reacting in ways that you're not proud of. When you learn these tools, you'll be so aligned with your values and your future self and powerful meaning and purpose in your life that you'll create the habit of responding with intention rather than just reacting. These tools will help you finally make that change that you've always wanted to make or navigate change in a way where you're in control of your life.

If you've ever faced any of these situations (and trust me, I've been there for many of these changes), I can help you. I'll be there every step of the way and I'll hold space for you and love on you so hard, but also show you possible blindspots and always hold what's best for you. 

Are you ready to dive in? I sure hope so. 

Schedule a free consult with me so that we can find out if we're a good fit for each other. Don't stay in limbo and don't wallow in self-pity after you've just gone through a major life transition. I'm not going to tell you you'll feel better overnight and I'm not going to tell you that you will feel good making a decision. Sometimes, the best decisions force us to grow and they're often times, uncomfortable and don't feel good at first.

I know how it feels. I've been at the career crossroads many times and waited a long time to make a decision even though I was burned out and feeling stuck. I reached a breaking point and it was not pretty. But I'm here to tell you that coaching and the tools that I will teach you saved my life and helped me navigate any change in my life, no matter how drastic it was. The tools I provide will transform your life, too. 

Why work with me?

My clients tend to be high achieving women who do it all and want it all. But they are burned out and they're exhausted, but they keep going and going. They want to break free, but they don't know how. 

They want to take that leap and make a change in their jobs or careers, but they're scared to do it. They just need a little nudge and belief in themselves. They also want to be free of the mental drama that's in their heads. The mental drama only gets worse when faced with major life or career changes. My clients tend to be women who have overachieved their whole lives and an unexpected change shatters their sense of self worth and confidence. It's the stress, anxiety, low self-confidence, perfectionistic tendencies, and people pleasing that they want to be free from. 

They know what they value deep down, and they know that they're ready to live life according to their own terms, not rules dictated by society. They know that they're more than their jobs, but they still overwork to prove themselves and they go to great lengths to get approval from direct reports and superiors. My clients just need a guide to help them uncover what they already know. They want to be proud not just of the job or career they have, but they are hungry for a life of their making. They want a career and life that is aligned to their true values. And they want a life outside of work. 

I also want to add that I don't judge my clients. Quite the opposite, I hold expansive space for them. That means you can tell me anything - any change that you want in your life and we can make it happen. We can do amazing things when we take risks. And I know how important it is to create a judgment-free and safe zone for all my clients. 

You'll have an incredible relationship with yourself and understand what it means to have your own back. You'll learn what it means to be courageous in the face of transitions and when faced with the chance to make a major change in your life. You'll recognize your own strength and you'll be able to handle anything that comes your way with grace and grit. You'll be able to see changes in your life as an opportunity to grow and to love yourself even more. 

I am a Certified Life Coach with a background in anthropology and global development. Truth be told, I've been guiding and mentoring women on their personal journeys for decades. I've experienced burnout, relationship, job and career changes,  geographic moves, and inner seismic shifts.

Currently, my life is less about external change and more about changes in my mind. These are changes in thoughts and emotions, which lead to actions and results. I now know that true and lasting change has to start from within. I teach my clients that this inner peace and anything you want to feel is accessible now. It's not here or there or when you've made a change in your life. Yes, sometimes, a change in circumstances can help, but it helps even more when we've made that shift in our mind. It helps when we've sifted through the mental drama and learn to manage our mind, because ultimately, it's not the outside world that brings us peace. It's the thoughts that we choose and the feelings we cultivate that bring us peace and help us create the life that we want - on our own terms.

Ready to sign up? Let's do it!

After working with me, you will recover from burnout faster and learn to prevent it with simple and practical tools.

You're going to learn to leave burnout behind. You'll find your stress and anxiety disappearing, you won't worry about your work all the time, you'll be present when you spend time with your family, you'll feel more relaxed at work, and you'll feel purposeful rather than empty inside. When you make the career change, it will based on a sense of wholeness rather than fear.

After learning the tools to leave burnout behind, I help you make a career change that's based on wholeness and the life you want. I teach you the mindset tools.

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Kiss burnout goodbye. Create the life you want based on wholeness.

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book a clarity call today!

What clients are saying

I'm so thankful for Dr. Janny Chang! She has been coaching me through some very tough times (stage IV cancer diagnosis at 29 during the pandemic) and is one of the kindest, most understanding and patient people I've encountered. She has challenged me in a positive way to identify and change thought patterns that don't serve me and has helped me on my journey to find out what true self-love is and navigate my "new normal" post cancer diagnosis. Thank you so, so much Janny! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

— alyssa M

"Janny is a true professional. She has the unique ability to clearly identify opportunities and solutions in areas where we previously had been stagnant and frustrated."

— Janine P.

I have known Janny as a friend, as a coach, as a fellow ex academic, as a fellow ex New Yorker. I was fortunate that she came back to my life during a time of extreme turmoil, and offered for us to work together. I was going through a difficult time opening up to people, and connecting, and was depriving myself consequently from healing and growth. She reminded me that only through connection with ourselves and others, can we grow and accomplish what we set ourselves to accomplish.

She reminds me with every interaction to be kind to myself through periods of transition, and change, to allow myself to BE and grow at the pace I need to grow at. I have been working on lofty business ideas for quite some time in my life. Ever since I have been working Janny, I have never felt this close to my dream. Even when the physical reality is slow to come, working with her is readying me emotionally for what is manifesting. No dream is big enough for this world, we need dreamers and dream catchers for the change we want, and champions, like Janny, who help us get to the finish line. 

— Susan w, Kohls

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