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it's time to unleash your power

Deep down, you're a queen, a badass, and you're fierce AF. You just need to step into your own power. I can teach you how.

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I'm Dr. Janny Chang, certified own your power life coach

I help women step into their power and show up as the queens that they are.

Do you feel like the world doesn't see or recognize you as the queen that you are? True power comes from within. No one messes with a powerful woman. A powerful woman owns her own shit, from the past decisions she's made in her life to everything about her right now. It's not the external circumstances that determine her worth, because she knows that come rain or shine, she's got power from within that no one can take away from her.

abouT Janny

Your power comes from within.
Unleash it.
I can teach you how.

Private 1:1 Coaching

small group masterclass

Coaching for women in the Asian American and BIPOC Communities

Unleash your power from within. 

Be energized by work, not burnt out from it.

Surround yourself with queens and soak it all in.

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What clients are saying

"I loved working with Janny. She provided the coaching I needed to achieve my goals."

— Alice P

"Janny is a true professional. She has the unique ability to clearly identify opportunities and solutions in areas where we previously had been stagnant and frustrated."

— Jason Y, Epic

"We’ve had the privilege and pleasure working with Janny across our organization...We had experienced challenges in partnership and collaboration, which led us to having her help us identify our team’s interpersonal dynamics and work styles. 

— Susan w, Kohls

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